National Digital Academy

Who’s behind National Digital Academy?

National Digital Academy (NDA) and Social Marketer were created by Stir Marketing, a Canadian digital marketing agency founded in 2001. Stir’s team of internet marketing experts pour their 20+ years’ experience and hands-on digital campaign knowledge into new National Digital Academy and Social Marketer courses each month.

The Need

Do a quick Google search and you’ll find many high-priced digital marketing training courses offered by universities or technical colleges. But you’ll also notice a need for quality, reputable, low-cost, and on-demand online training classes made specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Our Why

We want to help people create a life they love by helping them gain the skills they need to land a dream job, or to build and grow their own business.

We Believe

  • We believe that having up-to-date digital marketing knowledge and skills is essential for success in both business and life.
  • We believe that strategic research, planning, and execution help companies dominate their industries by outpacing their competitors online.
  • We believe that challenging the internet marketing status-quo helps businesses to generate new opportunities for sales and growth.
  • We believe that thinking differently, working with the most talented people around, and pursuing greatness with like-minded companies creates great results. Want to join us?