Intro to Social Media for Business Growth
(Free Social Media Training Course Vancouver, Canada)

Course Overview:

Intro to Social Media for Business Growth is the fastest and most cost-effective way for entrepreneurs and small businesses to learn how to plan, build and promote their social media presence across all leading social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


This online course provides a step-by-step online training that removes the guesswork and fast-tracks your ability to learn how to grow your social media following and grow your brand for your new or existing business.

The most successful entrepreneurs and businesses are constantly learning and updating their skills and processes. There are always new social media techniques, new competitors entering the market, and new digital marketing strategies you and your team need to be ready to implement. This course will help you learn to plan, build, publish, promote and measure your success in social media as a key component of building your business online.

Cost: Now FREE
Duration: 1-2 hours (learn at your own pace, no time limit)
Location: 100% online
Level: All levels
Publisher: Social Marketer and National Digital Academy

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